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Article: Why personalized gifts are so popular and how gifts can best be personalized.

Warum personalisierte Geschenke so beliebt sind und wie sich Geschenke am schönsten personalisieren lassen.

Why personalized gifts are so popular and how gifts can best be personalized.

What is behind the great popularity of personalized gifts?

Personalized gifts are suitable for absolutely any occasion and are usually chosen for certain people who are very close to your heart. Be it close friends, family members, colleagues or the nice neighbor next door. The special thing about personalized gifts is that they are specially made and, in contrast to off-the-shelf gifts, are unique and thus convey great appreciation. Surely you too would be more happy about a gift with meaning and depth that comes from the heart than about a boring voucher or a box of chocolates.

The trend of personalized gifts is increasing every year

The reason for the great popularity of personalized gifts is the annual growth of our culture of giving, which is widespread around the world, and the constant expansion of innovative gift solutions. There are now so many beautiful personalized gift ideas that there is no longer any reason to choose a 0850 gift. Further, the number of gift opportunities is also increasing. No wonder, because we love to make others happy. Why limit this to just birthdays and Christmas? There are so many special and "gift-worthy" occasions and moments in the year - from the emigration of the best friend, the birth, the anniversary, a passed exam, a degree, to the first day of kindergarten or university.


Why have gifts personalised?

You are probably familiar with the following situation: you have known each other for ages and basically know everything about the person and yet every year you find yourself faced with the big question of what to give this time. A personalized gift is the absolute best option. There really is no point in investing a lot of money in expensive gifts and believing that this will increase the meaning of the gift. It is much nicer to give unique gifts that put a smile on your face, are linked to memories and strengthen the relationship. Personalized gifts are not only inexpensive, they are suitable for absolutely every occasion, are unusual and original and can be personalized in many different ways.

What is the best way to personalize gifts?

You can have gifts personalized in a variety of ways. Be it with an engraving, your favorite pattern or your favorite colour. However,personalized gifts with photos are the most beautiful and valuable, as they remind of shared moments. If you are looking for a photo gift for your partner or your best friend, then you should definitely browse through our wide range of beautiful photo LED lamps. Whether as a partner gift , as a gift for a wedding or birth - our personalized LED lamps are truly unique pieces that are handmade with love in Munich. We offer you the option of having the lamp personalized with a special photo or with an engraving. We also offer other very themed lamps - be it an LED ballerina lamp for the niece with ballet fever or a balloon heart lamp for your partner that symbolizes endless love?

Be creative and imaginative and surprise your loved one this year with something very special that he or she hasn't seen before!

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