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Article: Anniversary gift ideas: How to make the best surprise

Geschenkideen zum Jahrestag: So gelingt dir die beste Überraschung

Anniversary gift ideas: How to make the best surprise

Anniversary gift ideas: How to make the best surprise

It doesn't matter whether it's one year or ten - you should really celebrate your anniversary on your anniversary. Of course, surprising your partner with something very special is a must. Women in particular usually have great expectations of this big day and the gift and often make men sweat weeks beforehand.

You have absolutely no idea what to plan this anniversary and how to really surprise your loved one? Then we have the five best anniversary tips for you here, with which your anniversary will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

  1. Take the whole day off

Fortunately, if the anniversary falls on the weekend, you don't have to worry about taking time off. However, if the anniversary is during the week, you should really consider taking the whole day off, because anniversaries are best when you spend them together from morning until late at night. If taking time off with your job is not so easy, you can simply postpone the celebration to the following weekend.

  1. A personalized gift is fun

A small gift is part of the anniversary, because it shows you that you have not forgotten this special day in your relationship. Personalized gifts or photo gifts are generally among the best gifts for the anniversary. The gift does not have to be expensive at all, but should have meaning, be creative and special. In our online shop, for example, you can have beautiful photo lamps personalized with your favorite photo and put a big smile on your partner's face. If you don't have a photo together at the moment, you can of course also opt for one of our beautiful and special love LED lamps and thus also have the best anniversary gift. Whatever you choose, make sure your gift is heartfelt and meaningful.

  1. to eat out

Going out to eat is definitely a real classic next to the anniversary gift. Whether brunch together in the late morning, a picnic, lunch by the water or a romantic dinner together is of course up to you. A good idea is to visit the restaurant where you had your first date. As an alternative to the restaurant, you could also cook for your partner at home. However, you should definitely opt for a very special and romantic menu and ideally cook several courses. Also, don't forget to decorate the living room romantically. 

  1. go on an excursion

Your anniversary will be the best when you create memories together, because they will last a lifetime. Plan something you've always wanted to do together. This can be skydiving, dolphin swimming or a hike. Visit a special museum, treat yourself to a visit to the theater or plan something thrilling from your to-do list. Going to the sea together is of course always a hit on an anniversary.

  1. Photograph the anniversary

Don't forget to capture your special day with photos. A snapshot of your partner opening their anniversary gift, another of you having dinner together and of course lots of beautiful photos during the trip. Photos will keep your special day in memory forever and if you have children or will soon have children, you can flip through your photo book together at some point.

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