What advice can you give someone starting their career? Parents and grandparents in particular are faced with this question at least once in their lives. A card with best wishes seems rather boring and is quickly forgotten. Wouldn't you like to create a lasting memory? Anyone who has lawyers in their family or friends is often desperately looking for gift ideas for lawyers. Here we have exactly the right gift for you.

An LED lamp as a gift for changing jobs or starting your career - all the best for your new job!

Also to say goodbye to a colleague, girlfriend, friend or family member. Create a special souvenir of the time together and congratulations on the new start in the new job. With this LED gift lamp you will definitely hit the jackpot.

Whether congratulations, the name or a saying can be immortalized here. Each LED lamp is unique and is made specifically for you according to your specifications. With your individual engraving, this 3D lamp is the perfect gift!

This LED light is also perfect as a thank you gift, as a thank you to every lawyer and notary or for a birthday, law firm anniversary or retirement.

No matter whether you are a lawyer or a judge: with this gift you will make everyone smile.

The LED light: Anno Domini - In the name of the law is a great gift idea for every lawyer or judge.

Each lamp is lovingly made to order by us. This is how real unique pieces are created. Your creation is also truly unique.

This is a unique and personalized gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, engagements, jubilee, Advent, thanksgiving, school enrollment, moving in, birth, communion, confirmation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, name day, St. Nicholas, Easter, baptism, mourning, Valentine's Day, farewell, Christmas, New Year or just as a little gift!