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Article: What are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

geschenke lampe personalisiert

What are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

What are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

On February 14th it's that time again; Valentine's Day is coming. And although it's the same day every year, it's surprisingly just around the corner.
"We don't give each other anything" is often said between couples, but something is bought at the last minute to show your partner how much you love him or her.
But what are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts? And where should you look if you want to give something special? We thought about it and did a lot of research - to give you a few ideas on how you can surprise your partner with something very special this year.

The most popular gifts

Roses and chocolate are very popular with lovers every year. No wonder, because if you enter shops in the days before Valentine's Day, you will be overwhelmed with chocolates in large and small heart shapes and bouquets of flowers. Time for two is also becoming an increasingly popular gift, with which one wants to escape from everyday life and create a special memory.
But do we really want the same thing every year? Isn't it time for something special with a personal touch?

We think: YES! Chocolate is eaten quickly and the roses will wither sooner or later - and little is left of the special day.

Personal gifts that have been individually personalized with names or photos are becoming increasingly popular, especially on Valentine's Day. They are something very special for every couple and that is why they are so personal.
We want to help you find the perfect gift.
At you will find a large selection of individually customizable LED lamps that not only look good, but also last far longer than chocolate and roses. With the handcrafted engraving and the high-quality wooden base, we are unique on the German market. And best of all: Since each of our LED lamps is given its unique engraving in Munich, the lamp will be with you within a few days.

Our photo lamps:

With our photo lamps you can upload your favorite photo of yourself and personalize it with your name or dates. The perfect gift if you don't just want to give a photo, but want to present it beautifully. Like all of our battery-powered lamps, this one shines in 6 beautiful colors to suit any mood.
Our dear LED lamps if you don't have a photo at the moment, or you are looking for something simple but still personal, we have our dear lamps for you. Here you will find a large variety of motifs to choose from, which you can personalize with names, dates or a small message of love.
Our Infinite Love lamp features four hearts connected to an infinity symbol. Like every lamp, this one is also engraved by hand for you.

Our bestseller lamp " Roses and Eternity " has already brought great joy to many couples. The perfect gift for anyone who doesn't want to do without the typical roses on Valentine's Day . Only these roses last forever and carry your names in the infinity symbol in the middle.

If you like it a little simpler, you have a large selection of heart motifs that can be engraved with a small dedication. Here you can immortalize your love message to your sweetheart in a high-quality design.
Of course, we do not only offer LED lamps for lovers. If you want to use Valentine's Day to make a very special person in your life happy, you will find a large selection of other motifs in our online shop. You can personalize each of our lamps and make it your perfect gift.

Just have a look at our shop
www. and look for a very special one this year

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